Brian Christopher Novotny.

The fifth of eight children born to Mary and Bill Novotny.  Brian was born in the Bronx,  N.Y. at Miseracordia Hospital, where his mother went to Nursing school.  Little known fact….Brian was one of my moms "Irish Twins" born eleven month before my brother Rob, both in the same school year.  Brian grew up in a home where nothing was handed to you.  He learned at a young age that he'll have to earn everything through hard work and diligence.  Like all of the Novotny's, Brian attended St. Augustine's Grammar School. From there he went on to Albertus Magnus High School.  He was a two sport athlete for the Falcons playing Basketball and Soccer.  He worked hard at every sport…..where he lacked in skill he more than made up for in heart and hustle.  From Albertus he was off to Lemoyne College where he studied Finance and played NCAA soccer for the Dolphins.  He got the same message from my father that I got…..eight semesters and you're on your own.

Eight Semesters later Brian graduated and headed for the street.  He started out in Manhattan with Kidder Peabody working their Bond Desk and then made the move to Cantor Fitzgerald.  He was doing well in a highly competitive environment ….no surprise to those who knew him well…that's the space where he has always thrived.

Brian always made it a point to give back.  He supported local charity events and was the first in line to help out someone in need.  I remember meeting him by the bat at the stadium for a Yankee playoff game.  Another friend who was supposed to join us had gotten tied up at work and couldn't make it.  Rather than sell the hot ticket Brian gave it to a young local kid outside the gate ….making sure he came through the turnstiles with us.  He told the kid… can't forget where you come from.

One of the reasons we have this outing is due to Brian's love for golf.  The Novotny's were not members of Dellwood Country Club but he always found a way to get out to play.  His athleticism made him a natural at the game and fierce competitiveness made him a tough opponent.  I still play with his putter today, remembering him when I get that long putt to drop for par. 

I want to thank all of you for your continued support of the Brian Novotny Memorial 9/11 golf outing.  Based on your generosity we have granted 20 scholarships over the past ten years to worthy recipients who emulate my brother's mission, vision and values.  There is one thing I know for sure…… If this outing was for you and not him, there is no doubt in my mind that he would be here year after year like you are for him.  Miss you brother….   Never Forget.